June 22, 2009

Metabolix and Telles Announce Availability of Color Concentrates for Mirel(TM) Bioplastics

LOWELL, Mass., Jun 22, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Metabolix, Inc. (NASDAQ: MBLX) today announced that Telles, its joint venture with Archer Daniels Midland Company that produces Mirel(TM) bioplastics, has collaborated with Teknor Color Company to develop a range of color concentrates for use with Mirel resin. The newly developed color concentrates are formulated using Mirel base resins and meet ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 standards for compostability and biodegradability.

"Teknor developed this series of color concentrates for use with Mirel PHA in direct response to customer demands for a wider range of bioplastic colorants," said John Wood, Technical Manager with Teknor Color.

The new Mirel colorants are designed to be useful for a wide range of injection molding, sheet, film, and thermoforming applications. Colors are currently being used in the Mirel injection molding grade for laboratory material handling trays, and several colors have been developed for use in consumer retail products. In addition, a black concentrate is currently being used in the Mirel film grade for agricultural mulch film field trials.

"The Telles team is continually striving to enhance the versatility of Mirel in order to provide customers with a performance product that meets the quality standards of their brands," said Bob Findlen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Telles. "We are proud of the collaborative work that has been accomplished with Teknor, our preferred provider of color concentrates to brand owners and their processing partners."

"Drawing on decades of experience formulating colorants for use in all thermoplastics processes and all plastics applications, we at Teknor are confident that we can meet the color requirements of a broad range of companies that process Mirel resins," added Mr. Wood.

Metabolix and Telles are presenting and exhibiting at NPE 2009, The International Plastics Showcase, in Chicago, IL the week of June 22, 2009. They are located at booth #W119020, in the West Hall.

About Mirel Bioplastics

Mirel is a family of bioplastic materials with the physical properties of petroleum-based resins, yet with a unique combination of being biobased and biodegradable when disposed in natural soil and water environments, home composting systems, and in industrial composting facilities in areas where such facilities are available. The rate and extent of Mirel's biodegradability will depend on the size and shape of the articles made from it. However, like nearly all bioplastics and organic matter, Mirel will not biodegrade in conventional landfills.

Mirel bioplastics are available for injection molding, blown and cast film, and cast sheet applications. The first commercial-scale plant to produce Mirel bioplastic resins is being constructed adjacent to ADM's wet corn mill in Clinton, Iowa. For more information please visit www.mirelplastics.com.

About Metabolix

Founded in 1992, Metabolix, Inc. is an innovation driven bioscience company focused on providing sustainable solutions for the world's needs for plastics, chemicals and energy. The Company is taking a systems approach, from gene to end product, integrating sophisticated biotechnology with advanced industrial practice. Metabolix is now developing and commercializing Mirel(TM), a family of high performance bioplastics which are biobased and biodegradable alternatives to many petroleum based plastics. Metabolix is also developing a proprietary platform technology for co-producing plastics, chemicals and energy, from crops such as switchgrass, oilseeds and sugarcane.

For more information, please visit www.metabolix.com. (MBLX-G)

About Teknor

Teknor Color Company manufactures colorants for use with all thermoplastics in all processing methods. Its products, available in standard colors and an unlimited number of custom formulations, include color concentrates, multi-additive packaging concentrates, and pre-colored compounds. Corporate parent Teknor Apex Company, founded in 1924, is a privately held company with seven business units and 2,000 employees. It is headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, U.S.A., manufactures at 12 locations in the U.S. and overseas, and sells in 90 countries. Visit the web site: www.teknorapex.com.

SOURCE: Metabolix, Inc.

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